Vintage Bertin 531 Reynolds frame Dura Ace Road bike

These descriptions make it necessary to assign a turning point in time where earlier iterations get the former designations and later versions get the latter. For a lot of road bike elements, the years through mark significant changes. This Guerciotti road bike sits at a turning point in road bike history and has elements that are both old-school retro probably more of these and elements that are cut from more modern cloth. A gentleman named Robert Johnson raced this bike at the Ironman Hawaii in Modern elements include indexed shifters affixed to the downtube as handlebar-mounted shifting was still a couple of years away , a pretty modern airbrushed paint job courtesy of Ten Speed Drive Imports, and Japanese Dura-Ace components affixed to a top-end Italian bike, which was a pretty modern choice in Outfitting a new race bike in was a little bit simpler than making similar decisions just a year or two later. Which Italian builder do you want to make your bike? Paolo Guerciotti was a solid pick after you learned how to pronounce his name gware-chee-oh-tee.

Nervex Professional Lugs

It is not sure when he opened his shop, but there are ads of his shop dating back to Birmingham Small Arms as a retailer of their cycle fittings. In these days cycling was a very popular sport in Cologne and its surrounding cities.

John Jones’s early Major Nichols, Nervex Legere mod. 48 lugs. Frame of no help in dating with the possible exception of the Williams chain wheel and.

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Italian Cut Seat Lug. Italian Cut Head Lug. Newvex Lugs on Waterford Series Artisan.

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Mercier with Nervex lugs and frame number on head badge. One of the very few interesting cycle frames in the whole of Berlin, it seems. But the city is ripe for an invasion of fixed wheel lightweights. Brooks saddles, however, are commonplace. Seems to be frame no It is written that Mercier never used Nervex lugs This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.

If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. File information. Structured data. Captions English Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents. Description Mercier with Nervex lugs.

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Le beau est aussi utile que l’utile — Victor Hugo The beautiful is as useful as the useful. French bicycles are often of very high quality, but they have their own idiosyncracies and interchangeability problems. This article tries to point out the pitfalls that you may run into in maintaining or upgrading a French bicycle, and offers solutions to common problems.

In the great bike boom of the early-mid ’70’s, French bicycles were sold in the U. These low-end models are generally not worth putting any money into, unless you have a strong sentimental attachment to one.

Cino Cinelli from La Gazzetta dello Sport dated May 3, The key to dating a Cinelli is the lugs (3 holes or no hole) and the bottom.

Badged and in original finish as a Major Nichols the frame which carries stamped on the bottom bracket along the same axis as the downtube. This frame is a particularly important find if it was built by Major. It fits the build quality and component criteria and the aesthetic he developed. It was certainly finished by him, with gold and red lug lining and a seatstay panel decoration which he developed and used from time to time on his work.

The remaining equipment reflects its change through the years and is of no help in dating with the possible exception of the Williams chain wheel and cranks which should have date marks as they may be original fittings. Off side fork lamp bracket boss. Straight seatstay and chainstay bridges. Dimpled chainstays. The fork crown is one Major used throughout his career, a Vagner pattern, No.

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Dating Nervex Lugs

Gradually, over time, complex lug shapes, metal head badges, chroming, lug lining, pinstripping and contrasting frame paint panels all were reduced and then eliminated. This process can be seen in the Bertins of the s. The period was one of tremendous market growth in the early 70s and manufacturers simplified the product to speed production and increase profitability. The process was most noticeable in the lower price points where margins were slimmest.

There is no sharp distinction between late 60s and early s production. Sport and racing Bertins were usually found with the classic vertically stacked seat tube lettering and the foil World Championship stripes as seen in the photograph above.

RIH Sport riders have combined for 63 Olympic and World Championship titles dating back to the s. Bishop Bikes: Classic Track with Nervex Lugs Chris Bishop’s latest track frame features NOS Nervex lugs and bottom bracket with a.

It is unclear exactly when Claud started making bicycles. Some say it was in from his garden shed, but Claud was involved in the cycle trade and cycle racing before We do know that Claud opened his first shop, in Battersea London, in and calls his Silver Jubilee Year cf Catalogue cover. Delivery is days. Claud was soon a main cycle trade figure and had 5 branches, 4 in London, by Dec The range would have been showcased at Olympia in Dec The Anglo Continental was hailed as “an entirely new design”.

Claud acquired the Saxon marque, in or early ‘s. He employed Reg Harris as an export salesman, when he was going for the Amateur Championship of the World. Reg won his first World Championship on a Claud. Bill Hurlow. Top quality builders could use either.

Köthke Champion Special Bahnrad

On the right is an example of a Nervex Professional lug as modified by the builders, Hawkes of London. The front of the lugs have neither the telltale ‘fishtail’ nor the ‘horns’. The lug has been carefully re-profiled to produce a simple curve. In the late 40s and early 50s most British framebuilders relied upon cast lugs with which to build their frames. As the European economy picked up after WWII supplies of more modern lugs started to be imported, most of which were made from precision pressings of mild steel plate by a process called “emboutissage”.

It is written that Mercier never used Nervex lugs any ideas? See Traveler DC-X stream for more photos of this GP des Nations model. Date, 24 August , ​.

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