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Sailor Galaxy’s Sailor Moon Site. In the manga, Sailor Mars doesn’t have any items that aren’t in or that are renamed in the anime, so I’ve decided to use this page to point a rather big difference of the senshi of fire in the manga and anime. In the North American version of Sailor Moon it depicts her simply as a girl with a severe attitude problem who likes to treat everyone close to her like dirt. This is cause to most of her suffering so to speak. Naoko Takeuchi created. Sailor Mars’ anime and manga depictions are so different from each other its like they are completely two separate people. She is extremely beautiful in the manga. In fact, her beauty was what caught the eye of Usagi Serena and lead to Usagi following her to the shrine where she lives. All of these qualities have caused people in the manga to admire her. Yet at the same time they are scared of her because of her unique abilities.

Mamoru and Rei have a romantic coffee date

Whether you call her Usagi or Serena and him Mamoru or Darien, the love between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask is one of anime’s most celebrated romances. This is despite the fact that Tuxedo Mask sucks. Yes, Sailor Moon’s dashing “hero” is in fact a terrible person, and here are 10 reasons why. By which we mean he’s a borderline statutory rapist. It’s less creepy later on when Mamoru is 19 and Usagi is 16 — although that’s still a bit uncomfortably close to age of being unable to consent — but at the start of the series, Mamoru is a year-old college student according to the manga and Usagi is a year-old middle school student.

Characters: Haruka tenoh Michiru kaioh Usagi Tsukino Rei Hino Aino Minako and Usagi’s boyfriend walking together arguing about who will date Mamoru.

A lovely park is set to be redeveloped! Eager to take advantage of the park before it gets turned into a McDonalds or something, Rei is determined to go there on a date with her latest infatuation, Mamoru. Apoplectic that Rei has managed to confused Mamoru into dating her, Usagi proceeds to stalk the couple. This episode had me cracking up all the way through.

Hey guys, totally look at this park! How often do you get that in Tokyo? Ami seems to know him for some reason. You brought friends. Want to see the inside of my shed? Thankfully a woefully-dressed Mamoru is on hand to save the day. I have a wee theory that the writers of the show were afraid that they had made Mamoru far too horrible to Usagi in the past for the audience to like him, so they gave him a scene where he rescues Luna.

The result is that Usagi accuses him of man-handling Luna while manhandling Lunaherself , and Rei seems immediately and irrevocably obsessed with Mamoru. Honestly, I could watch this guy talking astrology to himself all day.

My thoughts on Mamoru and Usagi

We all know the premise: Usagi Tsukino rescues a cat named Luna, who helps her awaken her powers and become Sailor Moon. She would then meet other Sailor Scouts along the way and come across a man by the name of Mamoru Chiba, who takes on the mantle as Tuxedo Mask. They did not start off so hot, but the more they come across paths, the more they are drawn to each other. Their dedication to each other is incredible and they would go to full lengths to protect each other.

Perhaps it was fate that they were destined to be together, but their blooming chemistry is a joy to watch or read in the manga or in the classic anime plus Crystal.

Sailor Moon Newbie Recaps: “Rei’s First Date” and “Usagi Becomes a Bride”. One of these days this Mamoru is gonna walk all over you.

This absolutely did not turn out the way Rei had intended. And he had a little shopping cart and was dragging her up all the aisles. He took a deep breath and held it, luxuriating in it, then let it out with a satisfied whoosh. What did he want? She flashed Mamoru an apologetic smile. Mamoru pushed the cart through the rows of sorted fruits and vegetables.

He took his time, and stopped often to extol the virtues of every other item. How juicy yet firm, and packed with crucial vitamins, the building blocks of life! Neither of them moved. Rei just looked at the tomato like it was some strange alien creature. Unless it was in a sauce and she could dip her fries in it, she had no idea how to relate to it.

Slowly, Mamoru lowered the tomato. The tomato was carefully replaced with its tomato brethren.

Sailor Mars

After getting a bad grade on a test, Usagi crumpled the paper and threw it over her shoulder. It hit a young man named Mamoru Chiba. The two would have similar run-ins in the future. Mamoru was a student at the same college Motoki went to.

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Sailor Moon is one of the most beloved and iconic animes ever to exist. It has spawned several dubs, new series, movies, a musical, toys, and more. It was a saga to rock a generation. One of the most iconic parts of Sailor Moon is the ultimate pairing of Sailor Moon herself and Tuxedo Mask, her prince and partner in love and heroism. Beyond their alter egos, these characters are known as Usagi and Mamoru in the versions from Japan, and Serena and Darien in the English versions.

They are a power couple for the ages. Relationships in general are a very important part of the series, exemplifying the bonds between people and what they will do for love. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are the epicenter, but they are not the only ones. Rei and Mamoru had a lesser known and shorter-lived relationship.

However, the relationship was still an important part of the Sailor Moon story. The Sailor Scout and mysterious hero began dating before everyone in the anime got their memories back.

Usagi’s Panic: Rei’s First Date

It follows the adventures of Usagi Tsukino and her friends. After the magical cat Luna reveals Usagi’s true identity as the titular character, Usagi fights to protect the Earth from the Dark Kingdom , who previously destroyed the ancient Moon Kingdom. In the favorite episode listings for Animage , “Loved and Chased! Usagi and Mamoru’s Past” coming in ninth place and “Love for Ami?! A New Reincarnation” took first and second place respectively. In the English language adaptation of the series by former licensee DIC Entertainment , the season was cut down to 40 episodes and also added an ending segment, “Sailor Says,” to teach a moral based on the story that had just been shown.

So for the majority of the show, Mamoru, a college student, is dating a Though many of his scenes are heavily edited the English dub, Rei’s.

Goddamn that comma that somehow creeped its way into the title of my last post! Curse all the commas that were! As Mamoru is helping Ami with a math problem, Usagi finds herself unable to concentrate, and tries to break the two up. This, as usual, somehow turns into another forced and awkward fight between Rei and Usagi. Diana suddenly detects some smoke coming from an apartment below them, and everyone rushes around in a disturbingly over-the-top and overblown manner, with Mamoru just watching in awe.

Jeez, I would have tolerated this in season one, but now this just feels desperate. Oh, hey, the age difference between the two is actually being acknowledged for one. And the fact that Usagi is hiding personal information from her family. Cue the crying. Meanwhile, at the Zirconia Circus, the Amazon Trio are reminded for the gajillionth time that they need to capture Pegasus to take over the world. Were you even paying attention the entire season, guys?

Because there are a bunch of warriors in sailor suits running around, with sufficient power to disrupt your plans on a regular basis! I would make a quip here, but it would be insensitive to those who believe in psychic powers.

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Mamoru Chiba is the major romantic interest of Usagi Tsukino. He is often portrayed as stoic, steady and introverted. This may be because when he was young his parents died in a car crash. This blocked his childhood memories of his current lifetime and opened up the memories of his previous life as Prince Endymion.

Rei is dating Mamoru. There is a battle at the Starlight Tower, but with a twist. Everyone gained their memories. Zoicite is dead, and Mamoru wasn’t captured.

You get the point. All of these “also-known-as” personalities are all a part of why the relationship between Serena and Darien is so twisted and beautiful, but holds some surprises that people may not know about. In America, it’s safe to say that the first season was the most well-known and after that everything just became, well, complicated and so did the dynamic between the two fated lovers. While the Japanese anime and manga depicted certain relationships in a different light Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus being in love rather than “cousins”, for example , the relationship between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask remained constant, if not occasionally tortured.

Things turn out okay in the end, but for quite some time I mean, we’re talking centuries their love life was crazy, at times out of control, and intense. Some fans find it frustrating that Serena’s love for Darien never once faltered, while others fully understand that they were implied to be eternal lovers, fated from the beginning of the Silver Millennium. Regardless of where you fall on the scale, we can’t argue that there were definitely some interesting attributes of their predestined relationship.

Perhaps the most commonly known fact is that Serena is much younger than Darien. From the first episode this is made quite obvious. However, it never seems to affect their feelings for each other, other than the fact that Darien teases her ruthlessly.

Mamoru and Rei

Few weeks after the revelation of Princess identity, Rei again comes to Usagi. Unknown to them, Ikuko is also worried for Usagi so she decides to eavesdrop to their conversation. Disclaimer: The used Characters, storylines and images within belong solely to their creators. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of these materials in any form is expressly prohibited.

Apoplectic that Rei has managed to confused Mamoru into dating her, Usagi proceeds to stalk the couple. Meanwhile, the caretaker of the park.

Rei Hino is an eerie medium, an aloof beauty, and a reincarnated warrior princess from a bygone era whose serene exterior hides a bottomless well of explosive passion! Rei is a shrine-maiden with inherent psychic abilities, a talent for fortune telling, and skill at creating spiritual charms or warding and banishing evil spirits. Adults tend to be wary — even frightened — of her because of her abilities and mysterious demeanor, but kids seem to have no trouble seeing and trusting the kindness in her heart.

She has a fan club. With no great ambitions for career, romance, or frivolity outside of spiritual pursuits, Rei has devoted herself almost entirely to her ancient duty to protect Princess Serenity, having awoken as a magical warrior for that purpose. Friendship has softened the corners a bit, as it tends to. Height: Blood Type: Birthday: April 17th Likes: Music, birds, order, routine, quiet, and, paradoxically, Usagi Dislikes: Bullies, unreliable people, untidiness, carelessness, and, vaguely, men.

Jump to: navigation , search. You need the conviction to carve your place in the world, and to get back up when you fall. Everything you need… will come from inside you. June 21st, Lacrima delivers donuts to Rei Hino as a thank you for helping her deal with the whole ghost vampires and Podoeroso. But she can’t walk on temple grounds without burning sensations and discomfort so she stays just outside the gate!

Donuts, Dreams and Charms!